Blog and Portfolio of Jelmer Volbeda

Hi! My name is Jelmer Volbeda. I like to build stuff in any way and figure out how stuff works. This mainly includes mechanical design, software, electronics, but i also like to do woodworking, metal working, 3d printing and so much more. I like to take a shot at it all.

At adebloV you will find details on some of the bigger or more interesting project. I hope some of those post will be helpful to others working on similar stuff!

High-end robots require actuators with high torque and high precision. The popular choises are Harmonic Drives (strain wave) or Cycloidal Drives. Both offer compact reduction and low backlash, which makes them more suitable than regular spur gears or planatery gear sets. A newer and less popular option, for now, is the RV reducer. This combines the cycloidal drive with a set of spur gears to adres...